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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Arial is the new Spinal Tap

1. If you want a band name, name it after a font.
2. Find 3 of the best artists in the area.
3. Be even more awesome than Spinal Tap!

The Addy's are an award show that I have never/will never be nominated for...
But there are several friends/cohorts that are involved with the 2009 Addys that must be seen/heard to be believed.

There is SO much gosh darn talent involved in the promotion of this, that you must, at least, spend 7 minutes and listen to the three original songs written by Matt Kelley from OLG and performed by members of Definitely Gary to be believed. Also my hero of all things photography related has done the photography for this... That's right, Joel Faurote is flippin' spectacular.

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